Why We Do It


Change calls for innovation and innovation leads to progress.

We constantly view the future landscape of our customers’ needs and wants – whether articulated or not – and then find a way to fulfill those needs by creating and capturing new value in new ways.


The mechanics of industry are easy. The real engine is People.

We don’t need people to know how much we know. We need them to know how much we care.

Although we provide a specialized trade for a vast array of very complex equipment, at the core of our business we are a service company.

Service is intangible, it cannot be stored and does not result in ownership. It can only be measured by responsiveness, assurance, empathy and a demonstrated willingness to serve.


Disruption is not discovering the new. It is discovering practical use of new discoveries.

Disruption and innovation isn’t invention. It is identifying a need and finding the solution to that need which brings fulfillment and value together.


Status Quo is Latin for “the current mess we’re in.”

With routines, comes contentment. Contentment can breed complacency.

We challenge ourselves to look at established ideas in new ways. We know that we are not entitled to our customers’ business, we have to earn it every single day.