Preventive Maintenance Program

When making a huge investment, you always want to make sure you are covered by the highest standards as it pertains to performance. This is no different for HVAC units.

Quality Maintenance is “Standard 180,” the highest standard for the HVAC industry. It was created by a team of industry experts from around the world to help forward-thinking building owners, tenants, facility managers and HVAC contractors adopt a more progressive approach to setting a quality threshold which has become the measurement for how an HVAC unit should perform efficiently and reliably.

Attaining and Maintaining Excellence

HVAC maintenance is often considered a “run-to-fail” proposition: it doesn’t earn much top-of-mind attention until something is obviously broken. Quality Maintenance is helping forward-thinking building owners, tenants, facility managers, and HVAC contractors adopt a more holistic, progressive approach and enjoy HVAC units that perform more efficiently and reliably.

How It Works


The framework of Quality Maintenance is Standard 180, the highest available industry standard for HVAC maintenance created by a team of industry experts from around the world. Quality Maintenance is the first Standard 180-based utility energy efficiency program in the country.

Multi-year Maintenance Agreements are tailored to the individual performance objectives, budget, and energy efficiency goals of each customer.

First, the contractor assesses the current condition of the HVAC unit and determines the necessary tests and repairs to meet program performance requirements. Regularly scheduled maintenance and testing over the course of the Maintenance Agreement ensures the benefits of elevated performance and efficiency persist over time. Financial incentives from SCE help offset the incremental cost of the enhanced maintenance.

Figure 1: Incentive Payment Schedule

Incentive Payment Schedule Incentive Amount
Upon Approval of CSA Application 45%
End of Year 2 35%
End of Year 3 20%
Total Incentive for Multi-Year Maintenance Agreement





The Result

Consistently maintained, energy-efficient HVAC units that are more reliable, save energy and money, and improve the indoor air quality and comfort of the tenants, investors, landlords, and homeowners.