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The best way to handle building controls

A typical multi-story building has numerous HVAC units and thermostats; dealing with separate controls for each one can be an enormous hassle. The solution is to install an Energy Management System. An Energy Management System enables you to save time, energy and money by integrating all of your HVAC, refrigeration and lighting building controls into one highly-efficient and easy-to-use system.

Evolution Mechanical offers full installation, maintenance, programming and commissioning of Energy Management Systems that enable you to:

  • Get extremely accurate climate control – Control the temperature to within fractions of a degree. This reduces energy consumption and keeps your building’s occupants comfortable.
  • Reduce energy waste – If your system currently uses pneumatic controls, the system’s constant cycling results in temperature fluctuations plus 10 to 20% system capacity waste. Energy Management Systems eliminate this problem.
  • Control everything from one dashboard – One of the biggest benefits of an Energy Management System is that it can integrate the building controls of ALL of your HVAC, refrigeration and lighting equipment into one networked system. From one internet-based dashboard you’ll be able to see and control all of the systems, components, temperatures, schedules and set points within your facility. Not only is this an incredible convenience, it also lets you to implement a variety of energy-savings strategies that just aren’t possible when you have numerous systems and controls that each operate separately.

Get in control now

Take advantage of Evolution Mechanical’s more than 15 years of experience in improving building energy efficiency! To learn more about Energy Management Systems or schedule an on-site visit, give us a call at 855-386-6324.

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