Get a detailed energy review
How can you tell if your buildings are wasting energy? You ask the energy experts at Evolution Mechanical to conduct an energy review! This complete building system energy study will give you the answers you need. Here’s how it works:
Offsite energy review – Based on your answers to some simple questions, we’ll use our specialized building energy efficiency software to determine if your building’s energy efficiency level appears to be high or low. If it’s already at 90% or better, we’ll congratulate you and stop there. If not, we’ll move on to step #2.
Onsite energy review – A detailed audit of all of the HVAC and refrigeration systems in your building. This energy study includes an evaluation of the equipment integrity and system design, to determine if there is any opportunity to create energy savings by replacing, retrofitting or properly maintaining your HVAC equipment.
Recommendations and plan – Based on the findings from our energy review, we’ll create a customized plan for improving your building energy efficiency and system reliability. This plan, which will take available utility rebates and incentives into consideration, will help you take the long-term view and spend your budget wisely.

Find out how your facility compares to others

Our facility benchmarking service takes the energy review process one step further. Using a number of data points about your building – including 12 months’ worth of utility bills – we’ll provide a building energy efficiency “score” that is based on national information adjusted for geography and climate zone.
Just as “mpg” ratings are helpful for comparing the energy efficiency of one vehicle versus another, this facility benchmarking score can help you understand how well your building is doing on the energy usage front.

Start saving money now

If your energy bills are too high or your facility is experiencing frequent equipment breakdowns, these energy review services can be excellent first steps towards problem resolution. Don’t wait – call us today at 855-386-6324 to get started.
Evolution Mechanical serves building owners and property managers throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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